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Advancing Technology in Formation Evaluation

About Crocker Research

Crocker Research is part of the Crocker Group of Companies founded by Hugh Crocker and based in Perth, Western Australia.

During Hugh Crocker’s 20 years with Schlumberger and his further 10 years with his consultancy company, he found a need for improved methods of formation evaluation.

This led to the founding of Crocker Data Processing (CDP) in 1981 with the purpose of developing the Petrolog computer application to improve formation evaluation. CDP successfully solved serious evaluation problems in S.E. Asia and Australasia which where due to fresh waters, stacked reservoir sands and thin beds.

In his continued search for better formation evaluation methods Hugh Crocker founded Crocker Research (CR) in 1987 to develop the Formation Evaluation Tool, commonly known as the FET. The research and development for this project involved a small team of Electronic, Mechanical, Petroleum and Software Engineers. Continual test and manufacturing was undertaken during 9 test wells before May 1992 in which the FET was successfully run on its first commercial job. The FET set the bench mark by being the first pump through formation evaluation tool. To date the FET has been requested for 59 wells by 17 companies with a 93% success rate and is continuing to become a market leader in efficient formation evaluation.

Crocker Research continues to diligently seek out technical advances in all fields that may have application to our vision and to seek ways that those advances can be usefully and commercially developed.